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How To Find A Shop Near You...

One of the neatest things about this hobby is discovering a new needlework store to browse through and designs to drool over. Many stores deal with one of our fine distributors and we may be unaware that they carry our designs.  Happy Hunting!


Hoffman Distributing still carries a good range of Dragon Dreams designs, so any shop that deals with them can bring in titles they have. Check Hoffman's terrific Shop Locator to discover if there is a needlework store closer to you than you realize.  Be sure to check their Canadian and International section too!

If you find a shop to deal with that is unable to get the titles you are looking for from Hoffman, just have them e-mail me so that I can help them bring a design in for you or check the recommended sources on our ON-LINE SOURCES page.

If all else fails, our local shop BECAUSE YOU COUNT knows exactly how to find the Dragon and would be more than happy to help you find a specific pattern.  Get in touch with them at !