Sample Patterns

Why are there less samples on this site?

     Those who share patterns illegally have ended up ruining the fun of many honest and caring stitchers. Many newer stitchers don’t understand that sharing patterns by scanning them in is breaking the law!  If you aren’t sure about what IS and is NOT allowed by law under the fair use clause of US Copyright law, you need to read this POSTER or check out the Full details for yourself at

     Please respect the copyright of those patterns that are still available here on our site and share the link with friends but not the patterns.  

2011 Dragon of COMPASSION

    This dragon COMPASSION was designed in the wake of the Japan Disasters of March 2011, just 9 weeks after we’d visited my sister and her husband in Tokyo.  This chart may be shared electronically and if you enjoy stitching it at all, PLEASE say thank you by making a donation of any kind to the RED CROSS in your country to help the Japanese people rebuild!


    This dragon HOPE was created to be a ray of hope in our sometimes weary world.  This chart MAY be shared electronically with others, printed out or included in newsletters, but not made into kits or sold

Generosity/Elemental Dragons

      I am still a firm believer that we each need to use the talents that have been given to us to make the world around us a better place. Read the challenge on each chart and think of ways that you can put your own skills to work.

  1. FIRE

  2. WATER

  3. AIR

  4. EARTH

  5. SPIRIT 


CHRISTMYTH ornament series

    This series ran for a decade on our site and these charming ornaments make perfect gifts for any fantasy lover’s tree.

  1. 1996 DRAGON

  2. Web Watcher bonus MERMAID

  3. 1997 UNICORN

  4. 1998 GIANT

  5. 1999 GRIFFON

  6. 2000 FAIRY

  7. 2001 PHOENIX


  9. 2003 SALAMANDER

  10. 2004 PEGASUS

  11. 2005 SATYR

  12. 2006 WYVERN

A Spot of Tea

     This tiny dragon, named SPOT,  in a tea cup was too cute not to leave here for stitchers to enjoy, especially when the days are colder and a mug of tea is the perfect thing to warm your hands around before you stitch!

Dragon Love

    If you like your dragons a bit chubbier than majestic, this sample chart is fun to stitch up.  You can also find these dragons in 5 of our chartpack/leaflets.

MY Treasure

    Who can resist this dragon hoarding it’s treasure?

The FUN has MOVED!

    This sample page contains older charts that are still available to stitchers everywhere, but the newest fun and mayhem from the dragon had moved to our Facebook Page!  Find us there for impromptu charts, discussions, questions, news and all the latest information about what the Dragon is up to.  There is plenty of change coming in our lives as one dragonlet leaves the nest, another moves up to High School and the Dragon heads back to University.  Don’t miss a moment of the chaos... check us out there!

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